KMCA Committees

2018-2020 KMCA Committee Application.pdf

The KMCA not only offers educational opportunities, but also allows clerks to serve on state education and legislative committees, local chapter committees, and on IIMC committees. All of these committees can increase the clerks' confidence and leadership abilities.

The President is assisted by members serving on a number of committees. The President appoints the committee members at the start of his/her two-year term of office (April of even numbered years following the Spring Conference.)

Awards Committee (Policy/Procedures) (Policy Ranking System)

Bylaws Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Certification Mentorship Committee

Communications Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Education Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Election Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Legislative Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Public Relations Committee (Policy/Procedures)

Scholarship Committee (Policy/Procedures) (Scholarship Criteria)

Thanks to all the hardworking committee members who keep the association moving forward while maintaining integrity and tradition.