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Dear Association Presidents,

The IIMC Foundation Board will have three vacancies in May.  We are recruiting individuals who meet the membership classification criteria and will be committed to devoting time and hard work to raising funds for clerk education.  Below are links with information regarding the vacancies on the IIMC Foundation Board.  Following is an excerpt from the vacancy announcement:

Application deadline is March 15, 2019.

Applicants for all Board positions must have an understanding of the purpose of the Foundation and its role in conjunction with IIMC and how the Foundation raises funds.

The successful candidates will be chosen based on their commitment to the Foundation and the following criteria:

•The person has knowledge of fundraising and the time and willingness to raise funds.

•The person has a demonstrated desire to promote the education and professionalism of Municipal Clerks.

•The person has knowledge of or accessibility to foundations, corporations or individuals that may contribute to the IIMCFoundation.

•The person can attend at least two Board Meetings a year, perform committee work, assist with Foundation duties at theannual conference, and personally contribute financially.


IIMC Foundation Board members are expected to absorb their own travel expenses to the extent possible, as every effort is made to keep Board expenses to a minimum and maximize funds available for education. IIMC Foundation Board members are expected to be active contributors to the Foundation.

Here is the link to the announcement:

Here is the link to the application form.

We would appreciate it very much if you would share this information with your membership.

Thank you,

Mary Lynne Stratta

IIMC Foundation Vice President, Chair of Nominating Committee

Attention Public Officials: A “Reply to All” of this email message could lead to violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act.  If replying, please reply only to the sender.

Mary Lynne Stratta, TRMC, MMC

City Secretary/Communications-Legislative Director


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