Become a Member

To become a Kentucky Municipal Clerks Association member: Print, complete, and mail the application below along with $45 annual dues to the KMCA Treasurer:

Networking Opportunities

Members of the Association have the opportunity to meet other Municipal Clerks from throughout the Commonwealth from cities of similar size who share common issues and/or opportunities. This gives the membership a tremendous information source by allowing the discussions of successes and challenges when faced with common issues. Many clerks who are members of KMCA describe the opportunities for networking through the association as invaluable.

Earn Certified Kentucky Municipal Clerk (CKMC) status

In 1982 KMCA voted to award certificates to all municipal clerks and members of the clerk’s office who have been a dues-paying KMCA member for a minimum of two years and complete the Kentucky Municipal Clerks Institute. Your membership in KMCA paired with completing the Institute (120 hours of training in three one-week sessions over a three-year period) qualify you as a Certified Kentucky Municipal Clerk (CKMC). We strongly believe those who become a CKMC will have learned the benefits of being involved with KMCA and will continue with their membership.


As a member of KMCA you are eligible to apply for various scholarships to attend KMCA sponsored training.

The more clerks know, the more clerks grow

The KMCA not only offers educational opportunities, but also allows clerks to serve on state education and legislative committees, local chapter committees, and on IIMC committees. All of these committees can increase the clerks’ confidence and leadership abilities. The KMCA is also a voting member of the KLC Board of Directors.


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